Mission Statement

A New Missouri is a section 501(c)(4) issue advocacy organization established to promote policies to create more jobs, higher pay, safer streets, better schools, and more, for all Missourians.


A New Missouri was formed by senior Eric Greitens 2016 campaign advisers, who seek to harness the energy of everyday Missourians to support such policies. We support aggressive legislative action on labor reform, tort reform, regulatory reform, and tax reform. We also need strong ethics reform to ensure our legislature is working for the people and education reform that puts children and parents first.

The Economy

  • Labor Reform

    Right to Work is simple economics. If Missouri is more attractive for employers to provide jobs, you will see an increase in opportunities and economic growth. Public sector unions need to be accountable to their members and to the taxpayers, and it is time to end prevailing wage.

  • Tort Reform

    Trial lawyers have rigged the system, holding back businesses and job growth. With comprehensive tort reform measures, Missouri’s courts will be a place of justice once more, and not a trial lawyer slot machine.

  • Tax Reform

    It is time to end the special interest tax credit giveaways, and cut taxes for all Missourians and Missouri businesses.


  • Revolving Door

    Shut the revolving door that allows former legislators to turn around and lobby their colleagues with a one-for-one policy. If you serve one year in the legislature, you should have to wait one year before lobbying. If you serve eight years, you should wait eight years.

  • End Lobbyist Gifts

    It is time for a complete ban on lobbyist gifts.

  • Term Limits

    Politics should never be a career. It is time for term limits for all state-wide officeholders.


  • School Choice

    With an expansion of our charter school law and Education Savings Accounts, parents will be empowered over bureaucrats and the establishment to make the best choices for their children.

  • Course Access

    Every student deserves the chance to thrive. With virtual courses and expanded broadband internet access in schools across the state, no student will be left behind because of where he or she was born.

Conservative Victories

Raise taxes or cut spending?

Raise taxes or cut spending?

To balance Missouri’s budget, we advocated for cutting government spending instead of raising taxes on hardworking Missourians. The Governor cut spending and refused to raise taxes.

Passed: Hundreds of jobs for the Bootheel

Passed: Hundreds of jobs for the Bootheel

The Missouri legislative session ended without a bill that would bring thousands of new jobs to the Bootheel. We advocated to see the passage of the Steel Mill bill, which passed in a May special session.

Huge pro-life victory for Missouri

Huge pro-life victory for Missouri

Missouri passed critical pro-life legislation that Governor Greitens called a special session for that will prohibit Abortion Sanctuary Cities from coming to our state.